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Title for enhancement idea@sbose78
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Neat Enhancement Idea

This is the title of the enhancement. Keep it simple and descriptive. A good title can help communicate what the enhancement is and should be considered as part of any review.

Open Questions [optional]

This is where to call out areas of the design that require closure before deciding to implement the design.


The Summary is required for producing accurate developer-focused documentation. It should be possible to collect this information before implementation begins in order to avoid requiring implementors to split their attention between writing release notes and implementing the feature itself. Before you get started with this document, please feel free to have a conversation on this with your peers and engineering managers to drive a more organized thought process for the formal proposal here.


This section is for explicitly listing the motivation, goals and non-goals of this proposal. Describe why the change is important and the benefits to users.


List the specific goals of the proposal and their measurable results. How will we know that this has succeeded?


What is out of scope for this proposal? Listing non-goals helps to focus discussion and make progress.


This is where we get down to details of what the proposal is about.

Use cases

Add a list of detailed use cases this enhancement intends to take care of.

Use case 1:

As a user, I would like to understand the drift. (This is an example)

Use case 2:

As a user, I would like to take an action on the deviation/drift. (This is an example)

Implementation Details/Notes/Constraints [optional]

What are the caveats to the implementation? What are some important details that didn't come across above. Go in to as much detail as necessary here. This might be a good place to talk about core concepts and how they relate.

You may have a work-in-progress Pull Request to demonstrate the functioning of the enhancement you are proposing.

Security Considerations

  • How does this proposal impact the security aspects ?
  • Are there any unresolved follow-ups that need to be done to make the enhancement more robust ?


The idea is to find the best form of an argument why this enhancement should not be implemented.


Similar to the Drawbacks section the Alternatives section is used to highlight and record other possible approaches to delivering the value proposed by an enhancement.