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Portal Intro

Carbonteq dev portal is an ever-evolving platform initially designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. But from few training exercises it has evolved and became much more.

Here we share industry best practices and principles to design and develop next generation software. Furthermore, we have gathered some small and concise projects to further stimulate the curiosity of undergrads and industry professional alike.

Science is really unforgiving in a way where concepts are chained in sequence of dependencies many times you cannot just pick items from middle of the chain.

Getting Started

Currently, the content provided here is falls into following categories.

Best Practices & Principles

This section goes over a set of techniques, principles and standards which can make your code simple, readable, reliable, less error-prone and easier to understand, test, maintain, debug, extend and scale.


Exercises are meant for developers who have already covered the basis and associated frameworks related to their career progression and are now planning to hone their skill for building realworld production apps. It's a task based system where you are assigned a mentor inside carbonteq who reviews your code to evaluate code quality and observance of best practices and principals.


Unfortunately some exercises are not in a state to be followed independently, we are continuously updating source material to include external audience as well.

Build Your Own X

Material in build your own x is meant for people who have special love for computer science and want to push the boundaries of their understanding. Although these projects are meant for everyone, but we believe undergrads is the demographics who can benefit most from this material.


More well suited for undergrads to hone their skills by solving real problems

What is not

It's not supposed to be a step-by-step guide to accomplish some technical feat, readers are generally given community gems, best practices learning materials to develop their own understanding and think critically about the task at hand, along with accomplishing some set of expectation.