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You don't know Js 📚

The You Don’t Know JS (YDKJS) series of books by Kyle Simpson explores the depths of the JavaScript language from the foundational level up. Written as an on-going tutorial, these six books take you through an intensive exploration of closure, types, object-oriented programming, async, and more. Each book comes with companion podcasts that provide commentary on the exercise material.



Functional programming in typescript 📝

It provides resources for learning about the benefits and applications of functional programming in TypeScript. There are tutorials, online courses and books to help you get started.


Typescript Generics Tricks 🎥

Generics are a huge reason why TypeScript is SO DARN POWERFUL. Letting you create types from other types, pass types to functions, and even INFER those types without you needing to specify them. This tutorial provides some pretty useful tricks for using generics.

Author: Matt Pocock

Watch Time: ⏱️ 18min



React Render Tutorial - YouTube 🎥

This series will help you get a really good understanding of why react components render, why do they re-render, how to optimize rendering, and also point out a few incorrect optimizations.

Author: Codevolution

Watch Time: ⏱️ 107min


Mastering React Memo - YouTube 🎥

This tutorial explains how Reac.Memo, useMemo and useCallback work behind the scenes and how and when to use these.

Author: Jack Harrington

Watch Time: ⏱️ 27min


Understanding useMemo and useCallback📝

This blog explains the difference between useMemo and useCallback hooks with examples and use cases and when to use which of the above hooks.

Author: Josh W. Comeau

Read Time: ⏱️ 10min


Why React Re-Renders 🤔📝

This blog post discusses when and why React re-renders. You will also learn how to tell why a specific component re-rendered, using the React devtools.

Author: Josh W. Comeau

Read Time: ⏱️ 10min


Setup TypeScript with React | React TypeScript Cheatsheets 🔧

If you are looking to start writing react code in typescript then this might be helpful in setting up the react project with typescript. It covers topics such as setting up a new project and adding TypeScript, installing the necessary packages and typing definitions, configuring the project files, and creating a production build.


The State Reducer Pattern with React Hooks📝

This post explains what state reducer pattern is and how we can use it in our projects.

Author: Kent C. Dodds

Read Time: ⏱️ 7min